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Medical Malpractice Occurs More Frequently in the Afternoon
Medical Malpractice Occurs More Frequently in the Afternoon

A recent study revealed a frightening statistic – that doctors tend to make more mistakes in the afternoon. Thus, in order to receive the best care, you should schedule your appointments early in the day, while your doctor is fresh. An observer noted that due to our natural ...

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Blog Posts in 2019

  • Hospital Settles Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Alleging Failure to Treat Indigent Patient

    Legal news reports that a northern California hospital has agreed to a $3.8 million medical malpractice settlement. According to reports, the medical ...

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  • Multi-million dollar verdict reached in medical malpractice lawsuit

    A jury has awarded $23.6M to the family of a girl who sustained serious brain damage due to a delayed Cesarean Section (C-Section). Birth ...

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  • $12.25 Million Awarded in Diagnostic Slide Mix-up Case

    Recently, a jury awarded a man $12.25 million in a medical malpractice trial. The award was based on a surgical error. According to reports, the man ...

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  • Diagnostic errors are a leading cause of medical malpractice in children

    A recent study evaluated the top causes of medical errors affecting children. The study concluded that for those babies less than 1-month old, ...

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  • Maternal mortality rates rising in US

    A recent study revealed that maternal mortality rates (deaths during or immediately following child-birth) have spiked in recent years. In the last 20 ...

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  • When should I hire an attorney if I believe my child has suffered a birth injury?

    Birth injuries may be devastating for families. Signs that your infant has sustained an injury at birth include physical symptoms such as a misshapen ...

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  • Failing to prevent premature births and reduce harm may be medical malpractice

    Babies who are born prematurely face considerable health risks. In many situations, it may be possible to predict when a baby will be born prematurely ...

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  • Preventable Medical Errors Occur at An Alarming Rate

    A new documentary on HBO underscores the prevalence of medical errors, and the challenges to obtaining justice for those impacted. The expose' ...

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  • Legal options when medical professionals commit sexual assault

    Convicted abused Larry Nassar asserts that his conduct in abusing hundreds of girls and women under the guise of providing medical treatment should ...

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