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Failure to Recommend Prenatal Testing May Lead to Claim for Medical Negligence

To ensure you or your child receives the best possible chance of a positive outcome if they are suffering from a debilitating health condition or illness, it is critical that you receive a proper diagnosis as soon as possible. When the failure to diagnose a condition - or the delay in its diagnosis - leads to harm, it may be possible to bring an action for medical malpractice. Similarly, the failure of doctors, nurses of other health care professionals to recommend pre-natal screening that could provide parents critical information concerning their unborn child may also be the foundation of a medical malpractice lawsuit. In these instances, the lack of information deprives families of the option to take remedial actions, which can reduce the extent of harm, and improve the unborn child's quality of life. This also deprives parents the option to make an informed decision whether to continue with a pregnancy where the child will be born with significant birth defects requiring a lifetime of care.

If you have questions about medical negligence or believe that your health care team failed to diagnose or recommend the necessary prenatal testing, a skilled Los Angeles birth injury attorney can provide you with critical guidance concerning your next steps.

For example conditions such as downs syndrome (Trisomy 21), cystic fibrosis and spina bifida can be detected via widely available prenatal tests. Many screening test exist that can help you make decisions about more-invasive diagnostic tests and the course of the pregnancy. In the instance of downs syndrome, the use of an ultrasound that measures a region of a baby's neck – called the nuchal translucency screening tests – may reveal whether abnormalities exist, allowing families the ability to make informed decisions. Further, where abnormalities do exist, diagnosing issues early on can make a difference in children realizing their potential abilities and in their quality of life.

Where doctors or other health care professional's failure to advise parents of available prenatal testing or properly interpret tests which reveal significant birth defects, parents may be entitled to obtain compensation to cover the costs of caring for a child born with significant birth injuries requiring a lifetime of care. The emotional and financial burden that results from being deprived of this crucial information is significant.

For more information or if you believe your doctor failed to properly perform or recommend prenatal testing, please contact the top California birth injury lawyers at Bostwick & Peterson, LLP for an immediate consultation.



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