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Indications That Your Child May Be Suffering From Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is one of the most serious health problems caused by birth injuries and medical malpractice during labor or childbirth. The condition is thought to be caused by a lack of oxygen to the infant's brain during childbirth. This may occur as the result of a baby remaining in the birth canal for too long. Other times, the incorrect use of forceps or other negligent care can also bring this condition about.

However, Its important to note that a baby who suffers from cerebral palsy may have been injured before birth but not be diagnosed with the condition until long after birth. As a result, many parents may be unaware of the extent of a birth injury. Unfortunately, the impact on affected babies and their parents can last a lifetime.

If you have questions about cerebral palsy or believe that a doctor or other health care professional's actions may have lead to your child's birth injury, it's a good idea to consult with a top California birth injury attorney right away.

A skilled medical malpractice lawyer can begin an investigation into all of the actions – or the failure to act – that may have caused or contributed to a birth injury.

The symptoms of cerebral palsy may take months or even years to manifest. Symptoms may include the loss of movement or other functions related to the nervous system. More specific symptoms include:

• Involuntary and uncontrolled movements

• Stiff movements

• Weak muscles

• Strained motor skills

• Speech difficulties

•Mental retardation

Additionally, more than one type of cerebral palsy exists. The most common type - spastic cerebral palsy – is typically characterized by tight muscles, which make a child's movement stiff or jerky. Other forms of cerebral palsy include athetoid cerebral palsy, which often affects a child's speech, movement, and his or her ability to reach or grasp. Children with this form of cerebral palsy may have difficulty maintaining their posture while sitting or walking. A third type, ataxic cerebral palsy may be evidenced by poor coordination of movements, poor muscle tone along with problems in depth perception and balance.

If you believe you child may have developed cerebral palsy as the result of medical malpractice, or have questions about a possible birth injury, please contact the top California birth injury lawyers at Bostwick & Peterson, LLP for an immediate, confidential consultation.



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