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Los Angeles Legal Malpractice Attorney

Have you suffered due to legal malpractice?

If you have suffered financial losses due to your attorney mishandling your case, you may have a legal malpractice claim on your hands. When you have a legal matter that needs handling, you rely on your attorneys to bring their skill, education and experience to your case, for your benefit. If your attorney mishandles your case, you can suffer significant financial loss. Our experienced malpractice attorneys can help you seek recourse against the lawyer or lawyers who mishandled your case. Contact a Los Angeles medical malpractice attorney from our firm today.

If you do believe you have a legal malpractice case, you need an experienced a skilled attorney to help you. Legal malpractice cases can be very difficult to win, because of the burden of proof. In a legal malpractice case, you need to prove the following:

  • Duty: The attorney accused of legal malpractice had a duty to serve this particular client. This usually means that the attorney and client willfully entered into a contract outlying the terms of the legal service.
  • Breach: The attorney breached this contract by refusing services, acting negligently, or failing to perform duties essential to the success of the client's case.
  • Causation: This negligence or wrongful act did cause the client to lose his or her case or settle for an amount far below the case's actual value.
  • Damages: The legal malpractice by the lawyers or lawyer, subsequent loss of the case, or subsequent receipt of smaller settlement resulted in significant financial losses for the client.

It can be hard to prove all of those four steps in a legal malpractice case, but an experienced malpractice attorney from our firm may be able to help you.

Legal Malpractice Attorney Serving Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas

At Bostwick & Peterson LLP, our years of experience in medical malpractice have given us the experience and knowledge that will be useful in determining causation and proof in a legal malpractice case. We have helped our clients over the years win over $500 million in settlements and judgments in their favor, and we may be able to help you, as well.

If you have suffered significant financial loss due to an attorney mishandling your case, contact a Los Angeles legal malpractice attorney from our firm today.

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